Someone Elses Name” - Run Through The Desert - Break The Silence (CD)

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Daria 26 August Reply the new seekers - feeling maybe? Sunshine 22 August Reply Hey everyone, I got a tricky one Sunshine 31 August Reply Hey Anne! Anonymous 29 August Reply I need more of you by hallman. Bennett 23 August Reply the singer's male and is playin the guitar i think i mainly remember the end part that goes "and there's no use trying oooooooh".

Sandra L. Stefanie Ferguson 24 August Reply Here comes the hot stepper??? Ini Kamoze??? Stefanie Ferguson 24 August Reply Here comes the hot stepper? The first three who make it will move on to the second stage of the exam and the last will be forced to watch as their friends move on. We all moved behind the person we recommended for the exams and pushed them out of the bay doors to the sand about twenty feet below us.

Mira slowed her descent by flying with satan soul, Freed used his runes, Cana summoned wind and Gray made a slide with his ice-make magic. The gambling continued while we all kept a bird's eye view on what was going on beneath us.

Mira had chosen to fly and so had Freed, but the two hadn't thought about the heat and had to take breaks to cool off every so often. On the other hand, Cana and Gray had chosen to work together in order to make it to the goal. Cana was using her magic to either make water or make a cooling breeze while Gray had been smart and made a floor for them to walk on so that they didn't waste energy trudging through the sand. Unfortunately for them, my prediction was extremely accurate and at the end of two and a half hours Cana strolled into the oasis with Gray trailing behind her, the two sporting smug looks as they looked back at Mira and Freed both flying to cross the end line.

The two fought each other in mid air in order to get a lead, wasting more energy than was necessary, but in the end, Mira crossed just a few seconds before Freed did and secured the third spot in the second part of the exams.

The three moving on to the next part of the exams will be Cana, Gray and Mirajane. Now, you all get an eight-hour break. Your second part of the exam is to either get your bag from the ship or to survive the night without anything but your magic and the clothes on your back… or lack of clothes if you're Gray.

I volunteered for the first watch and took my seat at the foot of the airship while watching the three winners set to work, the daylight fading almost as soon as I sat down and the temperatures reaching freezing.

Gray… literally just sat there and went to sleep. His training for ice-make magic made him unusually prepared for this challenge so surviving the night in freezing temperatures really wasn't that hard for him. On the other hand, Cana just took out one of her cards and used it to start a fire, sitting by it and stoking the flames every so often to make sure it stayed lit before snuggling up in the jacket she brought.

Unless the fire went out, she was pretty much set. And then there was Mirajane, which brought me a sort of sick and twisted amusement as she realized her mistake. She was wearing super skimpy clothes and had no supplies like a sleeping bag unless she got past me so she sat there shivering, every time she looked at me and seemed like she was going to risk it I leaked magic pressure until she changed her mind and continued this for the rest of my shift until Gildarts came over and tapped my shoulder.

I closed my eyes and pretty soon I was woken by the sounds of combat. I immediately jumped up assuming the worst but calmed down when I saw who it was the had made the noise. Erza was the last shift of all of us, and apparently that was exactly what Mirajane had been waiting for in order to pass the test. Unfortunately for Mirajane, she had spent the whole night waiting and staying awake, so while we had all taken turns sleeping, she was about as fresh as a wilted flower.

Lacking energy to do much more than exist. And that was match. Erza struck Mirajane hard enough that she flew back into the water of the oasis and skipped across the surface before landing on the other side. The other two were just watching with amusement as Mirajane struggled to get up again before collapsing. Who should get to move on to the last stage of the S-class trials? Now the last stage is to answer an important question. What was our goal here by taking you guys to a completely different location than what was planned before?

To test our survival skills since we might be out in the field for months at a time on missions and the like. Gray began to sulk about not getting the question right while Cana began to think deeply and was furrowing her brow.

First it was getting through the desert to this oasis, than it was to just survive the night with my magic. It really made me have to think smaller and outside what I would have to usually do so… it was to test my problem-solving abilities. Sometimes things go wrong and need different solutions than what I would usually do like brute force it. Master seemed to grow more serious by the second which made Cana nervous before breaking out into a wide grin and nodding his head.

One of the most important aspects of being an S-class mage is their ability to think creatively, especially in tough situations where the only thing you can rely n is your magic. Congrats on the promotion Cana! There was a light applause from everyone before Gildarts rushed forward and began swinging Cana around in his arms. Daddy's little girl is the strongest and smartest of this years candidates and I couldn't be prouder! We all laughed, but I secretly knew that Cana was enjoying the attention that Gildarts was showering her with.

We have a promotion to celebrate! You'd think that they would have built up a tolerance by now. The legal drinking age is fifteen yet you hold your liquor better than anyone else.

You just started being able to drink like six months ago… actually, I don't want to know what illegal shenanigans you get up to when I'm not around. The less I know, the better off I'll be when the magic knights show up at my door. They would have to catch me first.

Besides, we both know that you would hide me before ever letting the magic knights get their hands on this fine piece of meat. Sif's head shot up at the mention of meat and we both laughed before I tossed her another steak to chew on. You going to leave our team and go off on your own, the lone wolf? And it didn't. Maybe more. Someone whimpered behind her.

She tensed, waiting for the sound to draw the dead's attention, but none of them seemed to notice. Donovan, if she remembered correctly. Certain death awaits you underground.

Onward is the only way. Mason glanced back at the group, jaw tight with displeasure. They'd come here for food, not more people to provide for. But Ezekiel, being Ezekiel, insisted on taking them in. They all carried weapons. A few guns, though Mason wasn't sure they even knew how to use them. She'd already told them not to unless absolutely necessary, but who knew if they'd listen. The vans weren't far, but there were a whole lot of walkers between them and the alcove where they sheltered. Jerry or Dray couldn't risk driving through it and damaging the vans.

Onward was the only way. Keep your weapons up and try to keep as quiet as possible. No guns unless it's all you've got left. The back was going to be the most dangerous place to be. I'll cover the tail end, make sure no one gets left behind. As she took up position in the back, a young man smiled nervously and held out his hand.

Mason glanced at his hand, then faced forward, sliding into a fighting stance. Awkwardly, he retracted it. Memories split open in her brain, fresh and stinging. Men emerging from the trees. Gunfire in the dark, never knowing if it was friend or foe that fell by it. How it felt to kneel, grit and stones biting her knees, blood rolling down her body and knowing it had all been spilled for nothing….

Ezekiel loped into the parking lot and the group followed haltingly. Mason gritted her teeth, attention straining in a dozen directions at once. It was easy enough for Ezekiel to cut a path ahead; the rain covered his tracks enough that the walkers didn't sense him until he was upon them. Once he drew their attention, however, they converged, hitting the middle and lower half of the group the hardest. With the dead pressing in, nervous whimpers became screams. The outer edge of the group frayed out, weapons swinging haphazardly.

The center wanted to hesitate, tripping up the whole operation. She compensated as much as she could with her fire iron, or by shoving someone forward who refused to move, but it was only her and Ezekiel trying to keep thirty strangers together.

When a walker slipped past the defensive line, the group recoiled, exposing the center. Mason leapt in to cover them, shouting at Ezekiel to keep going.

They weren't going to make it without a competent person leading the way. Rain blinded her as she whirled back and forth, taking out walkers while the group recovered. She was vaguely aware of Justin and a few others lingering around her, covering her and the last of the stragglers. She was glad to see there was at least a bit of fight in some of them.

I've got you. You've gotta move. Thankfully he obeyed and she led the stragglers on, pushing walkers away as they went. Up ahead, the rest of the group reached the vans and piled inside, all except Ezekiel, who turned back to clear the way for Mason.

Three men and a woman stumbled safely past her while she held off the dead. Justin was the last. He paused to kill a walker with his meat cleaver, but the blade caught in its skull. Mason tensed to intervene. He abandoned the cleaver, but it was too late. Before Mason could jump in, another walker fell on him, trapping his arm in its jaws.

He screamed, kicking it away, and the woman screamed, too. She lunged like she meant to go back for him. They're converging. Justin reached out, sobbing. The woman struggled in Mason's arms. Someone else tried to dart past her—Donovan, she realized. Snarling, Mason swung Selene behind her and slammed shoulder-first into him, throwing him to the ground. As she spoke, the walkers tore Justin down, burying him.

Selene wailed. Donovan eyed Mason with pure hate as he lurched to his feet. He drew his arm back, but she was quicker. She punched him once to knock him off balance, twice to knock him back to the ground.

She loomed over him, limbs burning with adrenaline, with bloodlust. In her head, gunfire, whistling, darkness…. Ezekiel grabbed her arm. She wheeled on him, letting out a guttural snarl. His eyes widened but he didn't balk. That tiny part of her that clung to logic, that clung to now , took the reins.

She nodded wordlessly, holding back the dead while Ezekiel helped Donovan and Selene into a van. Ezekiel only hopped in himself when Mason did. The silence inside was so loud it hurt. Mason huddled as far away from the others as she could, which they seemed content with. She was soaked to the bone in rain, in blood. Her fingers trembled so she hid them in her lap. Mason and Ezekiel sat on the stage, backs pressed together while they passed each other berries.

Shiva sprawled next to them; every once in a while, Mason reached out to scratch behind her ears. Renee's uncle had left behind a map in his mountain house, of all the locations nearby that might be raided for food, weapons and other supplies. The bunker in Culpeper was one of a dozen. The war was already over when they decided to check it out. With nearly all of their people wiped out and half their possessions taken, they were in desperate need of supplies, namely food.

The bunker seemed like the best place to start. It had been singled out as a stronghold to house people D. They gambled on that chance, and found thirty or so people inside who had recently run out of food. Looming starvation, on top of three years spent confined underground, had driven some of them to attack the rest.

Mason killed the dangerous ones that night, and the others hadn't understood. That she'd just come out of a war, somehow alive on the other side and wondering if that was even a blessing. That she'd killed many men at that point, so many she'd lost count. That it was safer not to take chances with their continued existence. That maybe fear had made her a monster, that maybe she was afraid all the time , but she was trying, she was trying, she was trying….

Sort of. Also, I'm apologizing for snarling at you that night, because it's just now occurring to me that I might not have before. Secondly, you know Selene and Donovan's piss fit today was prejudice and nothing more. Honestly, it's played at this point. I'm…well, I'm actually thinking of calling a summit.

The medieval accent was completely gone now, and that was how she knew he was more anxious than he let on. But for patrol shifts, supply runs… They pull their own weight within the walls, and I am grateful for that, however I am not unaware of the strain it puts on you, the Misfits, or the other Knights. I cannot allow them to know about the Saviors. I haven't changed my mind about that. But the time has come, I believe, for them to learn. He elbowed her lightly.

From half-empty cabinets that could be full. From my own belief in these people, and this place, and what it could be. What could it be, now? Because she loved and respected Ezekiel, and more importantly, she understood.

The decision, what it cost, she understood. They'd fought side by side in that war. Witnessed the same horrors. Weathered the same losses. And she understood intimately the weight, not just of grief, but of guilt that he carried with him. Everyone now who shared the Lie understood that. But if Ezekiel told her they would go to war tomorrow, she didn't think she'd feel the right kind of fear. The big reveal of book 3 was that Husamettin is Ceda's father.

And guess who's father Husametting also is? Yes, you've guessed right Sumeya's. I mean, we have literal incest. I don't how the beta readers, editor, and author thought this pairing was a good idea. I'm honestly disappointed. Beneath the Twisted Trees was my most expected read of and while the writing is still good, some things are just WTF.

The way book 3 ended, I was sure Ceda and Emre were an item, but now I hear that he's sleeping with someone else???? What is that? I should stop with this but I'm really not liking where the romance is going, now it seems that the author is setting the way for a Ceda x Sumeya.

Excuse me? I mean we ended Book 3 with Ceda and Emre admitting their love for each other, so why are we now having this relationship? Did the author felt having a queer relationship would be more diverse, trendy or cool?

I don't know it doesn't make sense. There's no mention of Emre at all from Ceda's point of view. Besides, it's just uggh since, Ceda and Sumeya are related. And their relationship just wasn't like that. I know I might be accused of making too much of this, but one of the last scenes of Book 3 is literally Emre and Ceda making love together and Ceda stating that she's allowed to love whoever she wants.

How do we go from this to what I'm seeing now? It's kind of ruining the book for me imo because it feels like cheap baiting and the author trying to get brownie point for diversity. I was really invested in the romance bit.

Honestly, these days i kind of feel like telling authors that having heterosexual relationship in their book is fine. People are still invested in those.

View all 6 comments. Hmmmmm And then the good lord descended from the clouds and spoke thus, "Ceda, lesbian incest is wrong, I don't care if she's your half-sister, it's still a s And then the good lord descended from the clouds and spoke thus, "Ceda, lesbian incest is wrong, I don't care if she's your half-sister, it's still a sin and you'll burn in hell for all eternity for it. Sep 19, PM.

Aug 06, Lori rated it really liked it. This series is becoming one of my favorites. Jun 30, Chris rated it really liked it. It is, in short, rather good. So here we are, anyway with a city surrounded by a desert.

The city is its own welter of political concerns, but the desert is no longer quiescent. And of course, there are third party actors. Those looking in from outside, seeing something they can exploit, a rivial they can bring down, a threat that can be neutralised. So lets talk about the desert. This is a space filled with baking sands, and with the occasional life-giving oasis. Fleets sail across it, with tough wheels to drive the sane and trim sails to take advantage of the win.

Sailing the dunes is not for the faint hearted, but here we have the potential, crackling like lightning between the grains of sand. The silence, the life, the soaring birds of the desert are all there, an ecosystem which exists as a force much like the ocean, washing people upon it. As they struggle between themselves, the sands are always there, waiting to seize upon anything abandoned.

In the centre of this unrelenting seeming-emptiness sits Sharakai. Less a city on a hill than a city between the dunes. It has high walls, and pits for fighters, and markets, and kings, so many kings, and a resistance willing to fight and die for change. The city is ruled by the king,s, a rapidly diminishing number of immortal oligarchs. Their slow removal due to infighting and enem action, and their struggles with their children, desperate to rise to the power they see as their birthright, are brutal, vicious, and entirely believable.

When rulers carry divinity and the gift of immortality, still one may rise up to claim what one things they are due. The city is a heartbeat, fast and brutal and bloody, unforgiving and certain.

Until it skips a beat. Then, things may struggle out of control. In this liminal space, between the Kigns and the desert, we find Ceda, once again. They use their immortality to suppress history, to hide atrocities behind what may be nominally considered lesser atrocities. But they keep the city safe, swathed in sorcery and ruthlessness. Though they do not accept internal opposition, still less are they willing to accept external power. As Kings are eliminated, the populace fees their hand less on their shoulders.

But external forces are poised to fill the vacuum, fleets from across the sea and beyond. The text does a good job of showing us Malasani, Qaimiri, as distinct cultures, with their own goals and loyalties, and with rulers whose decisions will make or break them. We spend more of our time amongst these powers in this book than we had previously, and by the end, they each feel like a living, complex culture with its own needs and mores.

As ever, Sharakai is alive, and the desert, perhaps more than previously, is alive; now those who step upon the sands in trepidation take their turn. This hols true of the characters as well. Ceda remains the star, here. She has to take a lot of decisions very quickly, and though some of them are difficult, still the text crackles with the choices she makes.

With having to make the hard choices which get people killed. The truth will out. There are the blood mages on the run, desperate to avoid notice, but trying to break free nonetheless. And the aide to the Qaimiri queen, a man desperate to rescue his monarch from herself, and willing to take horrendous risks with body and soul to do so.

And the pair of a man and a desert djinn, a warped love story whose truth has yet to be entirely realised, but lies mapped in desolation. They all live and breathe between the leaves of the book, and they each drive the plot in their own way. Fundamentally though, the people feel like people. The entities — desert ghosts, deities, immortal kings — are strange and real and terrible, but still you can eel something of their needs. Ceda is the heart, but every one else is a key to the text as well.

The story pulls no punches here, building up and creatively detonating tension, and making you care about each of the maladjusted characters. Each has emotional integrity, and will grab you until its work is done. Its an absolute stormer of a text, given a pitch perfect fusion of characterisation, universe and plot; as such I would say that you should pick it up.

Though, this installment is a departure of sorts from the previous books of the series as the Kings no longer take center stage. War has come to the desert. Brama, Emre and none too few of the Kings find their destinies caught up in the battle for the Amber Jewel. Emre heads the delegation from the Thirteenth Tribe—first in an attempt to reunite the other twelve tribes, then on to the invading Malasani as they sit before the walls of the city.

But will it be dispute from without or betrayal from within that dooms this mission? And yet, where will their desperation lead them? Riddles, poems, stories—anything that will help her bring down the Kings.

But first she seeks to free the asirim, remnants of her lost tribe. And this alone may prove too daunting a task. Nalamae, goddess of the Haddah, hides from the elder gods of the desert. Centuries prior, the other desert gods chose to deal with the Kings of Sharakai, while she abstained.

The mystery remains: why? And why now do the other gods—Yerinde particularly—all seek her head? In addition to these, there are the Malasani, the Mirean, the Qaimiri: all come to the Shangazi to pluck the Jewel from the sands. A work of epic fantasy at its finest, Twisted Trees weaves together a half-dozen POVs with multiple plots into a single epic story; which is but part of a greater, over-arching story. And it was… actually really good. I had few issues with the book; for the most part I really enjoyed it.

Starting from the events of A Veil of Spears—which featured a plot I really enjoyed with an ending that was somewhat uneven and disappointing—Twisted Trees picks up and carries on, expertly blending action with the intricacies intrigue and subtlety. As with any book, there were those POVs I found myself more excited for than others, though they changed it up a bit throughout as individual stories are wont to do.

My largest issue with Twisted Trees were the relationships. Or love-triangles. Or… whatever. Not that Brama seems to notice. In fact, everyone every POVC seems to have turned a blind eye to their history before this book.

YOLO, and whatnot. My only other issue was with the pacing. It becomes a bit uneven in the second half of the text—particularly towards the end. This added a few days to my read time, and made it a little harder to focus on, but affected little else. It felt quite similar to the the pacing in A Veil of Spears, really. Beneath the Twisted Trees actually exceeded my expectations in a big, big way.

I definitely enjoyed it. View 2 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Another great read and addition to the epic that is the shattered sand series. This book sees both the nations of Mirea and Malasan vying to take control of the weakened nation of Sharakai and procure the riches of the Amber Jewel for themselves.

I enjoyed reading mostly from Davuds and Cedas POV with both on their own unique journeys culminating in the deaths of not only the King Besir and the freeing of the asirm but also seeing Anila finally rejecting Davuds help rather for a path of death an Another great read and addition to the epic that is the shattered sand series.

I enjoyed reading mostly from Davuds and Cedas POV with both on their own unique journeys culminating in the deaths of not only the King Besir and the freeing of the asirm but also seeing Anila finally rejecting Davuds help rather for a path of death and vengeance of her own.

Similarly, Emres storyline beginning with the job of forging alliances with eastern tribes, and later to come to an agreement with the invading Malasani King, offered a set of eyes within their camp and nation. Although this would be as well my only qualm with the book, as often it seemed that the final epic battle of Malasan attempting to destroy the desert city, was mainly seen from a distance, and only on occasions such as Davud and Rhamads capture by the Enclave, would we see the main battle from within the city itself.

And often only briefly. Altogether though I still thoroughly enjoyed the writing style, coupled with a complex set of characters such as King Ishan, Rhamad, Ceda, Sumya and Haddad just to name a few. Who all had their own personal goals and often inner conflicts that added to the depth and complexity of the ever evolving story.

I am extremely excited to see what the next two final books in the series have in store for the characters I have come to love. As well as seeing how Sharakai will now be run following the Lesser Kings taking over. And especially in regards to finding out what plans the desert Gods set into motion ever since the night of siding with the kings of Sharakai, and why years later they have now begun to mingle again in the affairs of mortals.

Solid 4. Dec 25, Katie rated it liked it. Unfortunately, Beneath the Twisted Trees suffered a bit with a slow pace. The plot seemed too drawn out and I felt like the book could have been a lot shorter.

The characters are presented with a lot of obstacles but to me, it didn't feel like the obstacles were a big deal. They managed to conquer them with relative ease.

That isn't to say there isn't a lot of sacrifice made in the fourth novel in The Song of the Shattered Sands series - there is. However, they didn't really have an impact on me Unfortunately, Beneath the Twisted Trees suffered a bit with a slow pace. However, they didn't really have an impact on me - and I think that's largely due to the huge cast of characters. The book presents a lot of different point-of-views; and it becomes a bit too much.

I'd rather have had more focus on fewer characters. I specifically enjoyed Ceda's, Brama's and Davud's point-of-views. Those stood out to me more so than the rest of the character cast. Still, the ending took me by surprise and I'm looking forward to continuing on with the series.

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  3. Run Through The Desert's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. Someone Else's Name. Break The Silence. Full Speed Ahead. Break The Silence. Thrown To The Wolves. Break The Silence.
  4. Top Run Through The Desert Lyrics Long Way From Home Disintegration Someone Else's Name Buried Alive Grecian Moon Thrown To The Wolves Full Speed Ahead Blown Away Break The Silence. Related Run Through The Desert Links He Said She Said video Run Through The Desert twitter.
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  7. The miserable and coward behaviour of the character (played superbly by Curd Júrgens), a bewildered Richard Burton when futilely carries over his shoulder a dying soldier through the desert until he realizes his death: 'I kill the living and save the dead! or the moment when Ruth Roman looks for "Jimmy" among the survivors of the expedition.
  8. Hello I'm looking for a modern (pop?) someone is a musician the chord are for example not sure the original tonality A minor (notes sung are like: e, c, a, (c, e fast) and then G major (the notes are like this: d, d, b, b, g). It is a pop song and maybe it is from to I remember only this. Thank you if someone will answer me.

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