Ill Never Let You Go Away - Human Soul - Human Soul (CD, Album)

We would love to hear from you:. To customize your avatar, you can upload an image to gravatar. Receive our latest posts in your inbox! I just have no idea how I can fix it. I know we do not loose our souls are souls are born into us? We loose connections to our souls by becoming buried beneath the stories of life and situations. Where did you come to the notion we loose our souls?

We might feel our lives take us over but loose our souls???? Hence why we wrote this article to clear it up. I have a sincere question. I am Christian that will never change and I was diagnosed with bi polar and psychosis after a psychotic break in I literally feel like so much of my inner self is gone, altered or changed that I no longer feel myself.

I have experienced several traumas and they were all scary and unexplainable but I knew it had everything to do with the spirit realm. I miss the details of my soul especially my head. If I practice mindfulness each night am I able to retrieve those areas of my soul that I can no longer feel? Your advice would help so much. All I want is to heal, sleep well again and live my life.

God Bless you. Move [Nickelodeon's Dance on Sunset Theme]. Never Say Never [Acoustic Version]. Never Say Never. Never Say Never: The Remixes. One Thing Remains. Young Americans [Bonus Tracks]. Young Americans [Japan Reissue]. Les Plus Grands Tubes Funk.

Never Say Never Again. Odessa: The Complete Odessa. Never Knew Love Like the Before. Ultimate Hits: More Ultimate Disco. The soul is made of an extremely high vibrational material that comes from the spiritual universe, which the Earth's spirit world is a part. The soul is invisible to both mortals and spirits, it cannot be seen, weighed or measured in any physical sense. Yet, its existence can be detected by the presence of an aura, which is the active energy of the soul.

One could say that the soul comes from 'out of this world'. The soul is created in the image and likeness of its Creator, although not of the same substance. The human soul is made of the matter that already existed in the spiritual universe, and the soul's creation took place long before the appearance of mortals in the flesh on the Earth.

Prior to that appearance, the soul had an existence in the spirit world as a substantial conscious entity, without visible form or individuality, yet with a distinct personality, so that each soul was different from all other souls.

As a snowflake or fingerprint is unique no two souls are identical. This explains why siblings, even identical twins raised in the same family, can become very different people when grow up because of the uniqueness and individuality of each soul.

The soul is the real ego, because seated in it are the love principles, the affections, the appetites and the passions. In the course of eternity, the soul will have the possibility of receiving, possessing and assimilating those things that will elevate it to a state of perfection or to a state of divinity.

Phase I: Incarnation Just prior to the incarnation the soul divides into two separate, but complete souls - one half having a preponderance of male qualities, and the other half having a preponderance of female qualities.

These two halves of the one original soul are what is known as 'soulmates'. The Earth is the nursery for the soul's development and, is the most important time in the soul's existence. I have always been a Christian but after 30 years of dowsing they say dowsing is from satan I feel like I have been lied to my whole life.

My heart and mind is now very open to something I feel I have been missing. Your site has helped me to want to learn all that I can. Thank you. This has been one of my favorite articles from you. It spoke to me clearly and I loved the practical suggestions too.

Thank you so much :. Great article. You explained this in a way that really makes sense. I am setting a goal to incorporate one from each list as you discussed. You guys are so amazing, I have been researching this, and channeling my guides. You guys validated my intuition. I have felt like my soul has been severely broken, from abuse and trauma.

I was ready to give up and end the immense pain that was taking over. I am not sure how I found your page, but it sparked a hope that my soul is not damaged beyond repair. That I can heal myself. Thank you for your writing! Not clear. No contrast to European theology or European occultism. You better consider if you can study Rudolf Steiner in German original. You have no scientific clairvoyance to test assertions about entities influencing humans.

Better reorganize yourselves instead of repeating without understanding yourself. Just came across your blog and I have already spent an hour reading through your posts! Love them all and learning so much! My two cents … The soul comes from a huge Universal pot the abode of The Force , and after reincaranation cycles enlightened gets merged back to that pot. Who can say, but my conscious mind tells me so. I propose that the soul is the developed form of the ego.

The ego has a bad reputation because it is confused with egotism. If you consider that the ego is a soul-seed—like an acorn is an oak tree seed—-then egotism is like an acorn fantasying that it is growing into an oak tree, whereas in reality it is wasting its potential to actually develop, by ;expanding horizontally—-me me me me me.

The substance of the ego-soul-seed is spiritual…but this is only truly real-I-sed through actual ego-soul-seed development.

The development —if there is actual development—into a soul condition occurs through being aware and KIND in daily life. Hi, I really enjoy your articles. Thank you for the work you do.

I have a question please. Years ago, I was faced with a life changing decision. When I was approached and asked to make this decision, I felt and heard inside of me from my gut area what sounded like 2 voices scream NO! Was that my soul? Was that fear? What would be your opinion off the top of your head? I went against that voice. I am doing much better than I was thankfully. I have been on a spiritual journey for many years and am making peace with perceived mistakes etc.

All lessons. Thanks again for what you both do. Much appreciated! Thank you Ally for your kind words. Never Say Never: The Remixes. Les Plus Grands Tubes Funk. Years [Bonus DVD]. Never Givin' up on Love. Michael Martin Murphey. Stepping Out of Line: The Anthology. Never Knew Love Like the Before. Ultimate Hits: More Ultimate Disco.

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When we experience Soul Loss, a part of our Soul – or living essence – ‘hides’ or shuts away, hindering us from expressing and experiencing our true potential and wholeness as human beings. Often times entire aspects of our psyches are completely blocked out or repressed. During my exploration of shamanism and its methods of soul retrieval, Soul Loss was defined as the experience of.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Human Soul on Discogs. Label: Glamour Records (2) - GC-1,Abend - GC-1 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Funk, Soul5/5(2).
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  5. Jan 02,  · From this we know that the soul is different from the body and that it continues to live after physical death. The human soul is central to the personhood of a human being. As George MacDonald said, “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” In other words, personhood is not based on having a body. A soul is what is required.
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  7. Ever wonder what happens after death? Do we really have an immortal soul? Here are some clues that may prove the soul actually exist and we all have one. Su.
  8. I won't let you in You keep on crying but you know what you did I'll never let you back in You say, "Go away, go away" Go away, go away, go away Go. Don't Go Away If you go away on this summer day Then you might as well take the sun away All the birds that flew in the summer sky When & Country Funk / Soul Hip Hop Jazz Latin Non-Music.

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