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When one is affected, the other two suffer. We can live a healthy lifestyle and perform our spiritual duties, but if the mind is not healthy the other two cannot make up for the lack, and we are not truly wholistically healthy or healed. Physical problems : Worry, anger, jealousy, hate, ill will, grudges, vindictiveness, irritation, resentment, guilt, depression, anxiety, lack of joy and happiness, and all other negative emotions and thoughts have a negative effect upon the body and open the door for sickness and disease.

There are now quite a number of cases where a disease or sickness or altered health can be traced back to a mental cause. Here are a few:.

Decline of physical energy and vitality due to guilt following a series of sins or resulting from a string of lies; chronic aches and pains due to a long-held and suppressed grudge; skin rash after a quarrel with someone; colds due to mental stress over such things as exams, trips, and arguments; heart rhythms changing in response to positive or negative thoughts; high blood pressure from bouts of anger, or fear and stress, or imagined problems.

As a girl was about to be forced into an unwanted marriage, she experienced repeated attacks of rheumatoid arthritis. One physician was convinced that one of his patients died of "grudgitis" because of the hatred he held for so many years. Another doctor put it this way: "It is not a question of whether an illness is physical or emotional, but how much of each. Dunbar, author of Mind and Body. Many health problems often including cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, irritable bowel disease, certain digestive disturbances do not entirely clear up unless the mental aspect is also addressed.

You may not have any of these diseases, yet be assured that your negative thoughts and emotions have their toll. While hate can be directed at almost anything — animals, foods, jobs, movies — the most destructive is hatred toward other people. Today, I want you to ask yourself these questions: Does hate have a place in my life?

Do I harbor any feelings of hatred toward myself or anyone else? If you do, I implore you to address this negative feeling before it becomes something much more dangerous. Hate, when left unchecked, will drain your spirit, tarnish your soul and darken your days. Are You the Object of Hate?

In addition to producing energy, nuclear fission is also what ignites the initial explosion of a nuclear weapon. In a similar way, hatred produces energy for destructive power.

And the fission — what actually ignites the explosion — is driven by the intense hostility, fear, anger or sense of injury one feels. Overcoming Self-Hatred Too often, we turn our feelings of dislike on ourselves, which is equally damaging. Hate turned inward can crush your spirit and impact your health. Take overeating, for example, which many say is a symptom of self-hate.

Overeating, however, is only one way that self-hatred manifests itself. Under the influence of hate, some people are driven to injure or cut themselves, engage in risky behaviors and cut off those who love them. Self-haters are driven to punish themselves for a variety of reasons, such as feeling insecure, guilty, alone, unattractive, unproductive or self-critical. These negative, internal feelings shape and give life to the destructive impulses of self-hatred. Ultimately, self-hatred is characterized by dislike for oneself and, often, low self-esteem.

As I see it, self-hatred is a corrosive virus of the mind. Like he wants the chase. And he hates her for that. He hates that she cant be the same while with him. Makes him confused which makes him wishy washy? My Opinion One of the main factors which boils my adrenaline and blood inside. And, my heart feels like a dynamite going to explode. General Comment i think this song is about someone who feels like theyre losing someone they care about a lot.

At times they really like that person and chase after them but then after a while it goes back to being almost ignored. My Interpretation I know I may be in the minority here, but I believe this song has to do with drug addiction. Now the Chorus: "I hate you when you're gone" He hates it when he runs out of the drugs "I hate you turn me on" He hates the fact that the drugs make him feel temporarily happy thereby causing the addiction "I hate the way I need you when I don't know where you are" He hates having to have a 'fix' but not being able to have them readily available.

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Apr 8, 1. Hi there I have been here a few times and the last times things were better I suffer from blasphemous thoughts so horrific it makes me wonder how I even managed to be able to think these things in the first place. This has been going on for about a year now It started when I felt flat one day and spoke out loud to God saying that Satan's world is easier I didn't mean that I wanted anything to do with the enemy I just didn't understand what was so wrong with sin I wanted to build a nice big house I will never let you in the garden where I would have offered you rest I can't remember where in the bible this was as I closed my bible in fear and burst out crying asking him for forgiveness I spent days feeling utterly cast out and terrified I was a new christian too I had not been in relationship long with God before all this started In about 0.

I had just lost God or so I thought I have been utterly completly cured of any materialism All I want is God During this time a massive doorway must have been opened to the enemy because horrible thoughts started to happen I was petrified I started trying to read my bible but thought I'd play it safe by starting with the new testament I had become frightened of the old testament I had no sooner started Matthew and was reading about when Herod was looking for baby Jesus and this thought came I'm sure these thoughts were demonic At this time I had no idea we were in a spiritual war I thought all these thoughts were mine I'm pretty sure now the origins were from the enemy I felt like dying I started paying attention to ALL the little details I have never been so terrified in my life I hated every moment of these thoughts At the time I was attending a little Anglican church I've started going to hillsong which is fantastic I've tried to talk to a few of the pastors about this I feel like I'm the only one I honestly cannot think of anything worse than this I came across the grantley blog and that smoothed things over for awhile I started watching alot of christian TV during this time I keep remembering the words of Jesus I'm on a mission to try and be the best I can I pray every day for him to take these thoughts away Joyce Meyer said something really powerful that I have been living my life by lately They used to be just horrible ones about God I drive past my old church and have a thought like the house of the enemy I have to drive past this church everyday to pick up my kids from school I start freaking out I can honestly officially say I tossed up even writing about these thoughts here because I am so ashamed Joyce Meyer talks alot about 'ruining the enemy's day' by being a blessing and basically not being riled by anything he throws at you I utterely HATE the enemy so much I feel like the enemy is ruining my life with these thoughts I get stuck in a frustrating situation I don't know like say I just grin and bear it with a good spirit But then I wonder I often think that there is no way in a million years I could have prayed against this thing happening I never could have even dreamt that you could find yourself in this situation having thoughts you never could have imagined thinking I have no idea how to I am terrified of the bible I can get to hear the word without the paralising fear of blasphemous thoughts, or of reading a scary passage that I think applies directly to me One strange thing happened thoughout all of this I think I experienced the baptism of the holy spirit a warm physical sensation and sometimes when I pray I have a pins and needles feeling I don't hear from God but I think I feel his tangible presence at times I was baptised in water a couple of months ago and when I got out of the water a leader put her hands on me and prayed for me I could have given her a massive hug I felt that God was still with me I look at all the other 'normal' christians and wonder exactly why this is happening to me I look at the worship team with beaming smiles and wish I just want the peace that Jesus gives I'm still trying to find it This experience has so sharply put my entire life in perspective I look around at half hearted christians and feel like giving them a shake I miss the way it used to be, and don't know how to get it back I am so sorry about the long post I really didn't mean for it to be this long I would love so much to hear the testimony of others Like x 1 Prayers x 1 List.

Apr 8, We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today? Apr 9, 2. Hello, I just want to let you know I know exactly what you are going through. Mine started about 14 months ago. Just like you, the thoughts suddenly started all at once, it it forever changed my life.

I have been born again for around 15 years, and I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues about 3 years ago. I had never once had a blasphemous thought or even any sort of doubts. Then BAM, I had these thoughts flood my mind.

Cursings against the Holy Spirit, sexually perverted thoughts when reading Bible stories, mental images of me desecrating the Bible, etc etc etc. For the first 5 months or so, this basically went on non-stop morning until night. I was getting like an hour of sleep every night, it was the most horrible experience ever. I got my first glimpse of hope and truth, running into Grantly's website. The blasphemous thoughts did completely go away. I have 0 blasphemous thoughts, it just never happens.

So don't even let anyone tell you it is something you will have to deal with, you can be healed from those things. But what happened with me was that the fear and anxiety continued so fiercely for such a long time, that when the thoughts went away, I was left with this intense fear, shame, guilt thing.

You may not have any of these diseases, yet be assured that your negative thoughts and emotions have their toll. There are physiological reasons why the body reacts so dramatically to our thoughts and emotions. Every part of our being, including our cells, sympathize or respond to the positive and negative states of our minds.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Songs About People You Hate on Discogs. Label: Neck Chop Records - CHOP • Format: Vinyl 12 Sick Thoughts - Songs About People You Hate (, Vinyl) | Discogs5/5(9).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Sick Thoughts - I Wanna Hate at Discogs. Complete your Sick Thoughts collection.
  3. Songs About People You Hate by Sick Thoughts, released 02 June 1. I'm Going Nowhere And I Don't Care 2. I Do What I Wanna Do 3. Need No One 4. Wasting My Youth 5. Young And Suicidal 6. Broken Glass 7. When I Think About You 8. On The Run 9. Rot In Hell N.M.F. Fuck Your Heart Instruments by Drew Owen Recorded by Shelby Grosz and Drew Owen .
  4. SICK THOUGHTS is a one-man punk band that needs no introduction; partly because the band’s international notoriety can easily precede itself, and partly because every other notable record label, music outlet, and bottomfeeding venue has thoroughly suckled the band’s teats in the four or so years it’s been active. If Sick Thoughts.
  5. Mar 15,  · If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may be wondering why the older you get, the more you hate everyone (or, rather, why more people get on your nerves). I’m here to tell you .
  6. Both of these will eat you up inside, so if you find yourself living with hate, perhaps today is a good day for a little wellness housecleaning. Hating Others Hate .
  7. Feb 04,  · Research also shows that even one five-minute episode of anger is so stressful that it can impair your immune system for more than six hours. All of these health issues can lead to more serious problems such as heart attacks and stroke. Anger and hatred can be directed at yourself or at other people, but either way you lose when you allow these.
  8. Aug 02,  · “You open your mouth, you’re a racist. My daughter is a liberal, and she’s [using the word] all the time. We don’t talk politics; we can’t—all the time she always accuses me of hate.”.
  9. Oct 24,  · People with this "bad thoughts" form of OCD often avoid things that could trigger these thoughts or being in situations where they might be at risk for acting on a thought. So.

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