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April 27th. Besides that things have been good. Finally paid off the trailer and my plot at the trailer park, so its all mine. The wifes pregnant again our 3rd, her 7th and my 5th Busy buying all the little ones x-mas gifts. WWF stuff for the boys and barbie for the girls.

How have you been. Re: hey, welcome back! Darryl Strawberry? Re: items the arresting officer did not return to Posted by: Michael 7 Posted on: Monday, 4 December , at p. When I was in b-school, the Cambridge police kept my boots as "evidence" after me and some buddies got into a barroom scrap.

I got them back after the charges were dismissed. They should give back your knife unless it was illegal. Re: items the arresting officer did not return to Posted by: GD guydowns hotmail. What was it, a gang of maurading Harvard finance students? Did everyone wear crimson headbands? Someone stole my coat. No man takes what's mine. Re: items the arresting officer did not return to Posted by: SammyB peachdad aol.

Guess I won't be stealing your blind any time soon. Marijuana remains illegal among other indefensible reasons to provide a pretense for the state to crush individual dissidents. The dissident didn't actually have any connection with contraban? No problem; any qualified police organization has teams of professional perjurers ready to say anything.

A good price for Casino Gambler's Guide? Posted by: jason england englandjason cs. Those of you who own this book I'm looking to sell an extra copy, but don't know what to ask Test Posted by: Chuck Weinstock weinstock conjelco.

Please ignore this test message. Chuck Too Late! No my answers are not posted here, look for your questions, my answers will follow your questions. Re: Test Posted by: desire mmmmia earthlink. Any2card Town, has a large population, and their playing styles are rough and ready. You will see our people in many more hands than the average Rock form the Valley of Patience.

Their chips will rise and fall like the Roman Empire. Sometimes they win and many times they lose. But who among the Hold'em community can say they never lose. Let me introduce you to some of the playing styles of the Any2card community. The Tilt Rock, This player tries to play like a member of the Valley of Patience VoP , but the moment he gets a bad beat, then the style changes, to the revenge of the Rock.

He will play any 2 just to punish the players for beating his big hand. After losing a couple more stacks he will try to get back to playing VoP hands, but once you cross that VoP line, it's to late, all the hands look good. The Action Junkie, Any2willdo, he just likes the sound of chips going into the pot.

Once he sees the flop he looks for reasons to stay with the hand. All small cards hit the flop, the raiser can't have any of that, so he raises the pre-flop raiser. When re-raised he calls to the river with his any2, and beats the over aggressive raisers and loses to the pocket Aces he was sure the raiser didn't have. His stacks raise and fall like the Warning this style can be dangerous to you stacks The Calling Station, Still waiting for a call to the winners circle.

The Seat Jumper, This player knows it's not the cards that win the hand but the seat that's hot that wins the most. This jumper will change seats until he finds the winning seat. When he finds the seat that's hot he takes no prisoners. When he can't find the right seat it's the dealers fault. The River Masters, A mild mannered player who will hit the river when ever your in the hand, you can't put him on a hand until the river. He never lead bets, only calls until the river, then he sinks your ship and you see the error of your ways.

The Viagra Man, He raises all the time. He is a destroyer of chips. You love him when you win a big one, but when your running bad he's got you by the The Out of Towner, This player never wins when playing in his home town game. He always wins, when out of town.

The Fur Trapers, They will always check the nuts, and raise when you get foolish and bet with your monster pair. I am the Mayor of Any2card Town, but I get no respect. Mayor, it surprises me that you have anytime to play Poker, given the huge population of Any2card Town. I play thousands of miles away, but I come across your citizens regularly. When one of them brought down my AcKc with his 8h5h, he announced that he had "had a feeling" before the flop. Do you think your friend BF Skinner has been helping some of your citizens get in touch with their feelings?

Re: DB, It's the one true feeling We have many out of town players as the post suggested. Becareful they always win. Getting in touch with your feelings is the religion of Any3card Town. When members of our community get into the feeling zone. It might be time to call it a night. Dominic go frisk em Did you forget to include 'The Salmon King'? He treats cards like spawning salmon. How do you explain the J?

It was suited, show me a real play like raising with Jack Benny Nothing like a calm discussion on racial matters to generate some thread length. There has been some quasi-gibberish posted by David in the "race card" thread on RGP about this year's Oly m event being won by a "white man". The upshot is that the Greek runner ran a personal best, but it was the slowest winning time in years.

The Greek's previous best intern'tl finish? Are Mediterranean people Caucasian, in the same sense as Scandinavians, or are they a distinct ethnic group? So Turks and Swedes are exactly alike and completely different from Nigerians and Jamaicans who are exactly alike. Whatever, Med'tnns are hellacious weightlifters. There was also a post in that thread that said something about Asians scoring the highest on SAT tests.

David replied, "including Jews"? Now as I live in Utah, I can tell you that succeeding generations of a religious group can develop distinct physical traits, BUT, my hazy recollection of "Mein Kampf" I smoked more dope than scott while in college, but was less heavily armed is that Hitler said that the "great lie" of Jews was their claim to be only a religious, not ethnic group. David also said in that thread that Pakistanis and Russians can be considered Asian. David probably meant certain parts of the former Soviet Union.

As for Pakistan and India, I believe their nations are part of a 'subcontinent'; the prefix "sub" more accurately referring to subsumed due to tectonics rather than subgroup of Asia.

SKP would likely be more qualified than I on this matter. Quiz 1: Kasparov's parents are Jewish and Armenian, he was born in Azerbaijan, and he chooses in the past, at least to play under the Russian flag. Quiz 2: Discuss the differences btwn the terms ethnicity, nationality, and culture.

Quiz 3: Identify the golf commentator who said, "I knew that Tiger would physically mature late because of his Asian blood. Answer 1 - The greatest chess player of all time. Answer 2 - None begins with "n" and all has no "y". Answer 3 - Lt. Army, Ret. Earl Woods. Because the doctor was a woman. Though the Greek guy got lucky in the m, I believe his top speed is in the top then in the world, or at least was that day. By the way, a Greek woman finished second to Marion Jones in the Olympic hundred, if I am not mistaken.

The original post said no white person was in the top ten. Asians in this country score higher than whites, I'm told, on the SAT. Of course this is a biased sample of Asians since the fact that they are here tends to indicate, for various reasons, that they are above average in intelligence. In spite of this bias, I am guessing that the average score of people of Jewish heritage is higher than Asians. I am also guessing that in spite of the fact that advanced degrees in technical fields including medicine and law , are granted to Asians in much greater proportion to their numbers, this too is topped by Jews.

I would expect someone could find the statistics to verify or falsify this. In spite of the fact that I used the term "Asian" above,I agree that "Oriental" is more accurate. Since there are countries in Asia populated by non-orientals, it is misleading to use the term "Asian" if the speaker does not want those other people included. Correct about the Greek woman. I've never thought about this before, but the same 'type' of muscle fast twitch is needed for success in sprinting and Oly weightlifting.

So why are people of African descent so successful at sprinting but not Oly wtlftng, and Mediterraneans vice-versa? Probably a combo of trunk-limb proportions and cultural biases. Of course, one of the greatest wtlfters of all time is a black American, John Davis undefeated from ''51 , so there you go. I am also guessing that in spite of the fact that advanced degrees in technical fields including medicine and law , are granted to Asians in much greater proportion to their numbers, this too is topped by Jews" Zieg Heil!

Mein fuhrer. Ve shall put an end to this bias in the next reich! They vill all learn of the supremity of the non-ethnic! Third-generation Asian-Americans do substantially worse than new Asian immigrants academically. Immigrants from the Caribbean score higher and earn more than native-born blacks, but do worse with each succeeding generation.

The highest scoring group in England is that country's small African community. In terms of average scores and technical degrees, I would guess that Indians top Jews and East Asians. Many have lamented that medicine, corporate law, investment banking, and management consulting are by far the dominant career choices of Ivy Leaguers. New immigrants and foreign students at top schools are much more likely to pursue science or engineering than US-born students are.

Boy all this immigration talk. All I can say is thank god for the Mafia or they wouldn't have let any of us Italians in except fo maybe Leonardo. Gee, some people have all the luck. A few things. The only thing "blacks" have in common is a history of oppression based on Europeans deciding that they should all be in the same group. Anthropologists have dropped race as a meaningful term and it cannot be determined at the genetic level. In fact, if you were to make "race" a category based on genetic similarity, what we think of as "black" Africa would be divided into about six different groups and the rest of the world would make up one group.

This is most likely because human beings originated in Africa and have been there a lot longer than the rest of the world which was populated by one group that made it out and then spread across the world. So yes, Eskimos, Englishmen and Australian Aboriginese for example are more closely related to one another than are, say, East and West Africans. There is far more variation in Africa than the rest of the world combined. While this doesn't mean that the average of any particular group will be more endowed physically or otherwise, it means the tails of the curves of population groups are fatter and the outliers produced will be more endowed than the outliers of non-African groups.

We could presume then, that given the right education facilities, Africa should produce a disproportionate number of geniuses. People of West African descent have the top times ever produced in the m. They have of the top times and all times below They have none of the top times for distance races. This genetic group is clearly more likely to produce good sprinters than other groups.

Olympic medals are not too indicative of how populations compare since the number of data are too few and there are so many externalities when you deal with one competition. Kendaris has never even broken The Bismarck? Conference that divided up Africa colonially and arbitrarily, thus throwing ancient enemies together, was a ghastly horror, and the tragic effects are very evident to this day.

One might also theorize about the different African genetic groups being intermingled due to slavery in America having some kind of 'hybrid vigor' effect.

The lack of educational opportunities in Africa and education's relative social unimportance in significant parts of American black communities, are atrocities, as is the govt's pandering and patronization of said communities, but that's another thread.

Keep in mind everyone that all this stuff is highly overmagnified because we are talking about the extreme tails of the bell curve. So for instance, if the average yard dash time of a black guy is What I just wrote is extremely important so read it again. Is that 1 black guy or lots of black guys? Do you think I seemed to have missed the importance of what you wrote?

You are getting too technical Scott. The key point here is that if one group does only slightly better on average than another group in some endeavor which means almost half the second group could beat the average guy from the first , that slight difference is vastly exaggerated when you look only at the world's best in the field. What an easy quiz! Posted by: Cyrus Posted on: Wednesday, 6 December , at a. As far as bloodlines and ethnic origins are concerned, the huge majority of this planet's inhabitants are bastards.

Side note: All the royal families, which take care to inbreed, chronically suffer from diseases and demonstrate symptoms of mental incapacitation, of varying degree. The hemophilia of the last Russian Czarevich is such an example.

The British royal nincompoomps is another, living one. Where I come from and in which group do I belong, as defined by common customs, language and culture. Nationality refers to the nation to which I pledge allegiance, either obligatoritly as a citizen or voluntarily as personal preference - and irrespective of ethnicity.

Example: an ethnic Gypsy considers himself of turkish nationality; an ethnic Serb living in Kosovo considers himself of Yugoslavian nationality.

Culture get my gun! There's the culture of Armenians, living in France; culture of the Mississippi Delta inhabitants; culture of South Albanians Toskas ; culture of the ex-Ottoman Balkan peoples, in general; etc. A person living in Prague gets Western culture, Mittel Europa culture and possibly also Jewish culture. That's a no-brainer. Wipe that smile off yer face. Posted by: Cyrus Posted on: Thursday, 7 December , at a.

Re: Wipe that smile off yer face. Tiger's been a pro for about 4. Tiger's margins in the world rankings, money lists, scoring average, and at Pebble Beach and St. Andrews are unprecedented in any sport, 'cept maybe by Secretariat Whatever else, the man ain't an idiot.

As for Tiger's physical maturation, compare photos of him at the '97 Masters and at any tourney this year. The changes are not just from simply starting to lift weights a subject on which Sklansky, among others, could tell you I'm quite familiar with..

Asian blood or Shmasian blood, Tiger's a late bloomer. Kinda scary to think he'll be turning 25 in a couple weeks. Bill Re: What an easy quiz! Posted by: Talbot talbot colorado.

Your discussion of nationality is a little off. What you have described is a civic form of nationalism where the nation is defined by the state and membership in the nation is based on alliegence to that state and the nation it represents.

This is not true for all nations. Many nations are ethnically based. For example, I can never become a German citizen, I cannot join the German nation. I have no German blood. Nationality in Germany is based on ethnicity, there are third generation Turks in Germany who grew up there, speak only German, go to German schools, only know German culture, who can never vote, be citizens, or accepted into the German nation.

On the other hand, Russian Germans who are from families that have not resided in Germany in centuries, know only Russian history, language and culture can become citizens of Germany because they are considered members of the German nation due to their ethnicity.

It is also more complicated than self-identification. While there may be some Gypsies who consider themself Turkish. There are very few Turks who would consider them to be so. Sadly, most of the world still holds some attachment to ethnic nationalisms. I have no disagreement with the contents of your post. The meaning of the word nation is more unclear than nationalism. Your examples of the status of German citizenship is very apt: the way they legally define German nationality is vastly different than what goes on in other European countries and, even, the U.

You're also correct is pointing out that one person's self-identification as far as nationality goes, differs from another's. Again, the Turkish-Gypsy example is apt.

Thanks for adding to the issue, which, you will admit, is a fluid and dynamic one. In your last phrase you express sadness that people across the world still hold on to the notion of ethnic nationality.

I would slightly amend that and claim that more and more people cling on to this notion, as we can readily witness in the media. Ethnic nationalism begets intolerance. And tolerance is not in vogue. There have been some discussions about several controversial subjects lately. I was wondering what people thought about same sex marriages being sanctioned by state governments. To quote the brochure: "The alpine gem of Slovenia, one of Europe's best-kept secrets, is a land of majestic snow-capped mountains, glacier- carved valleys, fairytale villages and Venetian ports along the blue Adriatic.

Its tiny capital, stunning Ljubljana, is one of Europe's most charming cities, nestled below a hilltop castle. Our adventure in Slovenia has it all, from glorious hikes in the alpine world below the snow-capped Julian Alps to exploration of charming mountain towns, including Kobarid, immortalized in Hemingway's classic novel, A FarewelPto Arms.

On the sun-splashed Adriatic Coast, ,.. Join us to discover Slovenia, an enchanti- ng and untouched corner of Europe with a welcoming culture and world-class hik- Dickie Anderson What's not to love? The Big Guy and I like to bike and walk, but nothing we do is even close to hiking. Hiking implies altitude as well as distance.

When did you last see a hill in Florida? The closest thing to a hill in our neighborhood is the arching bridge that crosses the Intracoastal Waterway. Not too picturesque or safe. When challenged and traveling what does one do? Invest in gear, of course. First purchase, for me, had to be new hiking boots. I abandoned my favorite well-sea- soned boots on my last adventure in South Africa. After several slips, our guide looked at the bottom of my boots and pointed out that the treads were completely worn off.

It was tough to leave the boots that had car- ried me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, across England and on hikes in the Canadian Rockies. We had been through a lot together. So I am training. Pulling on my new boots, I join the Big Guy for a walk each morning. Added to that is a commitment to the'elliptical trainer and yoga. So I am working on getting the body in some kind of shape, but another challenge is to learn about the amazing part of the world where we will be traveling.

I am a frequent flyer on Amazon. What about the Big Guy? The Big Guy loves travel, especially when he doesn't have to do it. No long flights in seats not made for a big guy or visiting a country he has never heard of.

No golf courses? He'll wait for the next travel op. Dickie Anderson is a local writer Check out her website: www. The goal of this ministry is to provide missionaries and the people they serve with clean drink- ing water, free from disease-causing microorganisms, at no cost to them.

Paul's instructions reveal all three precau- tions that everybody must take in light of the coming judgment Avoid the nice lie, vs. Sunday at 6 p. Jason Gray, minister to students at Springhill, reflects on his work and what we call New Year's resolutions: "We make bold promises that we break very quickly.

This year I have resolved to lose some weight aiid to train to run a marathon. Will I do it? I h6op so. I am committed to doing both. Are the chances high I will slack off and not do them? Unfortunately, yes. Through scripture we are reminded of the need of commit- ment Sadly, through, we are, by nature, peo- ple who break commitments and break promises. This is tough reality to come to grasp. We make promises that we never keep to people and to God!

If we were able to rely on our ability, our perseverance, our own sheer willpower, we would not be in need of God. We need Him if we are ever going to keep commitments, because He is the only promise keeper.

When you fall short of your resolution, remember that this shows us our inability before God and reminds us our utter dependency on him. It is part of our 'Be Biblical' series. Many people have their own ideas about what Heaven is like and who will be there. Today, we will share what God's Word has to say on the topic and give an opportunity for each of us to make -'. There are two, things I know in my heart for Hilda sure: Heaven exists Higginbotham and this is not it.

I pray that God will allow you "" "' to see just a. Thanks for join- ing us for worship. Thelma Lewis opened with a devotional on the power of God, followed with prayer by Royce Lawhorne. Larry introduced Berte McKenzie as a first-time visitor. Myra Swinson shared some upcoming trips the travel committee has been planning for early spring and summer. On Feb. After the blessing, everyone enjoyed potato soup, chicken salad sandwiches and banana pud- ding.

The Sisterhood group met at the lovely home of Karrin Johnson Jan. They were making Valentines for the college students and shut-ins.

They enjoyed great food and fellowship also. First Baptist Church outreach: Visitation is in full swing Mondays at p. For information, contact Jeff Whitaker or the church. Following their pro- gram, they enjoyed a covered dish lunch- eon. Their speaker was Deacon Mike Branch. He spoke about past trips to Honduras and the work they do there. Another medical group has plans to go again soon.

George and Dee Dee Johns always have the welcome mat out for church groups to visit and do many mission jobs there. The First Presbyterian Church is begin- ning its th year of ministry.

This signifi- cant milestone is a wonderful time to give thanks for our historic past and to look for- ward to the future ministry God has in store for us.

Our weekend celebration will begin May 17 with an all-church picnic and old- fashioned hymn sing, followed by our regu- lar Sunday worship service schedule May Invitations to join us in celebration will be sent to former pastors, their families and other invited guests. The theme for our celebration will be "Blessings. The Baraca was located behind our sanctuary, and it served an important community need. Baraca means blessings in Hebrew. During this New Year, there will be opportunities for our church family to learn of our history, to reflect and share our past and to join others in thankful celebrations.

As we begin this journey into our past, you will find that our blessings are indeed abun- dant. Lynn Hyatt is their longtime pas- tor: Jan. A party was held in the Family Life Center following the serv- ice. Wednesday night discipleship class: "How to avoid marrying a jerk or jerkette.

Doug Hodges, Room C Hodges, Room A Need to know when to say no and when to say yes? This could be the class for you! The Martins will be in concert Feb. Purchase tickets in church office weekdays. Here it is ! I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas and will have a blessed New Year! Robert James Allen of Beaufort, S. The reception will follow at 6 p.

Marys, Ga. Emily Catherine weighed 5 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19 inches in length. To earn a an independent liberal arts col- place on the dean's list, a student lege located in Sewanee, Tenn. Coffey is the son of The Church. Drug addiction can leave an individual feeling helpless and out of control, especially for fami- ly and friends of an addict.

Narconon Arrowhead offers free counseling, assessments and referrals to rehabilitation centers by calling or by visiting www. For people who struggle to lose weight, Take Off Pounds Sensibly meets at 5 p. Call Loretta Clark at For information, call John F Martin at or e-mail jmartin nassauclerk. Hours are Monday through Thursday, a.

Substance abuse services are provided at no cost. Psychia- tric services are offered on a slid- ing fee scale and Medicaid and other insurances are accepted. Assistance is also offered in areas of legal, literacy and educa- tional, food and clothing and more. A women's group meets from a. Tuesday and from p. Wednesday; a women's empowerment group meets from p. Thursday; and parenting classes are from 6- 7 p.

Free child care is provided. Call Katrina Robinson- Wheeler at ext. Robert Friedman A 0ooMs. John T. Box M Hwy. Ready to own or rent. Gated community heated pool and spa. Call With offer- ing envelopes in their hands and joyful music playing, they smiled and greeted one another as they dropped their gifts into the large basket.

Everyone seemed so sincere and enthusiastic at the opportunity to give; except for me that is. I was in a real battle. With my head hung down and my hands gripping the chair in front of me, I found myself wrestling with God. The minister had just finished giving us a wonderful exhortation about the privilege of partnering with God in the building of His Kingdom.

My problem began, however, when I went to my wallet to pull out the amount I felt like Rob God wanted me to fect sense being that I only had a few dollars with me. As I stared down into my open bill- fold, it became clear I had a problem. It was then that the next set of thoughts came bubbling up in my heart. Though I've misinterpreted God's thoughts on many occasions, deep in the pit of my belly I knew it was Him talking to me. But somehow, God didn't seem to agree.

After a few minutes of pushing the issue back and forth, I finally stepped out into the aisle and made my way to the. I'm sad to report that my own pride and concern about what people would think about me if they saw me dig- ging around in the offering basket, kept me from obeying God. Though very grieved in my heart, that day I learned an important lesson that I've never forgotten. As a matter of fact, 'He owns everything.

The truth is what He's really after is us. Our obedience is a lot more valuable than all our sacrifices.

I'm absolutely convinced 'that it's God's desire to share everything He has with us. The problem, however, seems to be that if we're more con- cerned about pleasing men than we are God, we can't really be trusted with all that He wants to give to us.

Though He loves us either way, obedience is far bet- ter than sacrifice. He's after our hearts! Robert L. For more infor- mation, to place an order or for delivery, call the church at , Sister Green at , Sister Franklin at or the Rev. Franklin at Main St. For directions call Facilitator Craig Hill teaches how to communicate on a rela- tional level versus a topical level in a ministry designed to identify root cusaobfnlasi s' i" change toiyour ttif, marriage and family. Call Vicki Cooper at Events kick off with a Fellowship dinner honoring Silver Seniors at p.

The Real Men Love Jesus fellowship and dinner is at 6 p. For more information call Deacon Erving Gilyard at A Youth for Christ ministry revival and conference is Feb. Guest speaker is Felicia Campbell at p. Guest speaker is Elder Vincent Camp- bell at a. For information contact Dr. Raquel Foxworth at The For the Sake of Love Banquet will be held at 7 p.

For infor- mation contact Deacon Maurice Sims at The Women in Love with Jesus Conference is at p. For information contact Sister Star Pollard at Prayer breakfast A Women's Prayer Breakfast, open to all women'of the commu- nity, will be held at am. The Rev. Jim Tippins, chapli Ba edica Cent- I t? Newdass First Presbyterian Church is offering a new members class beginning Feb. This class for new and prospective members will be led by pastor Dr.

Siegling in the church office at a. Enjoy an informal gathering to explore Presbyterian beliefs and who we are at First Presbyterian Church. Child care is available in the nursery and Sunday School classes for all ages take place at the same hour. Call the church office at to reserve your spot. Call the church office for additional infor- mation at Ash Wednesday service will be at 4 p.

Be a part of an open, welcoming envi- ronment that promotes and nur- tures community, spiritual growth, authentiity and service.. Rummagesal St. Clothing, furniture, appliances, artwork, collectibles, bedding, books and more will be for sale.

Contact Brian Moody at , ext. The men will be serving the ladies. For tickets call Bill Scheff at Proceeds benefit breast cancer research. Workworkshop On Feb. For information contact Alan Thomas at Divorce help DivorceCare is a week sup- port group and seminar for people who are experiencing separation and divorce.

Each session fea- tures videotapes with nationally recognized experts on divorce and recovery topics. This is a'nondenominational group, open to all persons and participation by non-church mem- bers is encouraged.

A new group will start on Feb. For information, call Dave Parker at Wood from the governing board of the St. Johns River Management District. Make reservations at by Feb. Peter's celebration As part St. Peter's th anniversary celebration, the com- munity is invited to a weekend encounter with "Peter, Disciple and Apostle," Feb. Events kick off with a potluck ,supper and introduction to "Peter, Disciple and Apostle" from p.

Reflections on the life of Peter, Disciple and Apostle," is from 9 a. From a. Feed my Sheep? Infant and toddler care will be provided.

Call Kristina Smith at , ext. If we ask these questions will find new ways to reach out to the year; pray that we will make a now, at the beginning of the New people in our community who do commitment to serve God by being Year, it will help us to prioritize our not have a church family, new ways faithful to His church and Sunday lives and make sure we are moving of advertising and outreach. That school; spend quiet time with God towards that goal.

Many of us make we will continue to develop strong everyday! If we keep all these res- New Year's resolutions each and committed lay leadership. That solutions, we will surely have a January.

The problem with these we will claim and grow in our blessed New Year! If your child is planning to. Some of the following working in our church in powerful and how many spaces we have to are my goals for church ministry in ways.

I want to be a part of what fill. God bless, Mrs. May we open to From Pastor Brett Opalinski of oring God in all that we say and God's guidance and leading in Memorial United Methodist do; we will live out our ministry, and if we are faithful, God will be Church: "What to expect in the year fulfill our mission statement, with able to use Memorial United ahead?

It is always important to excellence; we will give God our Methodist Church as a tool for his ask where we are going in life. We patiently waited for two years for jonerys and we were fucked over. All i'm asking is that we have this same patience with the fic writers. I've seen fics being deleted left and right and stories are being abandoned. I love a good story with a journey with a satisfying ending that's what I'm trying to accomplish here.

If this is not your thing, cool Daenerys looked away from the patient chart she was charting vitals in and saw Irri standing in front of her leaning over the nurses' station. He's pretty banged up. Thirteen is off the floor for a sedated MRI with a line placement, they will be going to the PACU afterward but they have my direct number to call report.

I should be back in thirty minutes. They went through the sliding double doors leaving the pediatric unit. While some of her friends found the thought of being a nurse emotionally draining, caring for people came natural to her.

She loved being a pediatric nurse and found it fulfilling to be there for her patients and their families when they were at their most vulnerable. Dany loved working at Braavos National Medical Center, and even though the memories of the nights spent on the ICU in Winterfell, still haunted her thoughts, it was those memories that drove her towards her career choice.

Irri badged them through the sliding doors into the quiet intensive care unit as her friend continued to quietly ramble about a recent date with a guy she met from Lys. As they walked further into the unit, most of the rooms they passed were either empty or had a patient resting in their bed behind a closed glass door. As they passed another room, the door this time was open and Dany saw a family huddled around a bed, embracing one another as a woman openly wept at the foot of it.

Dany quickly diverted her attention as Irri paused to quietly close the door, giving the family some privacy. Do you think he will call me? Irri rolled her eyes.

Dany laughed at the hollow threat of Missandei. They both knew Missy had finally convinced Grey to take a trip to Naath to meet her extended family. Dany instinctively reached into her pockets to check her phone. No text or phone call yet. Irri watched her with a look of amusement before they continued down the hallway.

When they arrived at the room, Irri went in first, checking to see if they had enough supplies. Did you want one? Dany gave her friend a quick wave and turned to leave the unit as she made her way down to the canteen. Dany was standing in front of the coffee machine waiting for it to finish dispensing her mocha espresso. She glanced at her work phone, she had enough time to catch up on her charting before starting her next round of medications and assessments. How long has it been? She wondered Years?

He gripped her hand and pulled away, giving her a curious look. I figured Margaery would've gotten ahold of you.

Dany nodded and silently allowed Robb to lead her to the wing of the hospital, she just left. A short elevator ride later, she found herself back on the ICU unit. Irri saw her enter the unit with Robb, her curious gaze followed them before quickly returning her attention back to the computer. Robb enters the room she had just been outside.

Oh , Shite. She glanced at the machines Jon was hooked up to, there were several large bandages across his chest with varying degrees of dried blood and drainage on them. She took two steps forward, assessing the ventilator that was helping him breathe. She surreptitiously looked at the monitor, his vitals were within normal range. Robb sighed, plunging his hands deep into his pockets.

He looked so much older than his twenty-three years. Sansa will be traveling from Kings Landing and should be here by the end of the week. Damn it, Jon, I told you this would happen. Dany gave a small smile as she scanned the monitors and did a quick visual head to toe assessment.

She walked around the bed, dropping down into a squat to look at the ventilator. She reached out and squeezed his hand, pausing briefly before she smiled. She noticed the rapid eye movements under his pale lids. The girls were just complaining about how you left Winterfell, never visiting and only Margaery gets to see you. Robb smiled. He shook his shaggy auburn head. We could catch up, yeah?

Are you hungry? He chuckled, raising his hands to surrender. He started packing his bag and slung it over his shoulder. As the door closed behind them, the sound of the machines and monitors blanketed the room in a subdued silence. Dany stood there for a few minutes watching Jon, lost in her thoughts. The habit of not getting attached and leaving behind friends was normal for her growing up.

But losing touch with Jon was the one thing she did regret when she moved to Braavos. He was no longer the fresh-faced eighteen-year-old that she last saw getting on a bus headed to boot camp.

The black curls that he uses to constantly brush out of his grey eyes were gone, his hair short and pulled back, similar to that of a northern soldier. She moved from the foot of his bed, taking note of his sharper features on his visibly thinner face, a shadow of beard hid the fading yellow bruises across his jawline. He looked battle-worn, he looked like solider. She continued to study him, taking in the man before her when the shrill alarms of the monitor broke her silent observation. She silenced the alarm, his heart rate increasing with a furrowing grimace on his brow.

She sighed, looking over her childhood friend that she shared so many memories with, her fingers gracefully tracing a jagged scar over his eye, pausing to lightly cup his cheek.

I just need you to wake up for me my Broody McBrood. She stepped away, dimming the lights and turn the tv to a music only relaxation station and left his bedside.

Dany jogged back to her unit, just in time to catch her phone ringing. She sat down at the nearest alcove and started writing down report on her patient coming out of the PACU.

When her patient arrive her interactions and response remained as professional and jovial as usual as though nothing was amiss. She went about the rest of her shift with none of her co-workers wiser of the emotional internal storm brewing all the while maintaining the epitome of professionalism that was known as Daenerys Targaryen.

Jon looked over at his half-brother Robb with a narrow gaze. Jon reflexively itched behind his ear. He reared his arm back to launch the ball at them when the bell rang. Theon continued to taunt him, walking backward as they entered the school. Jon quickly, shoved Theon making him stumble into a group of girls walking in front of them. That hurt! All three boys sullenly walked over to the principal. Mormont shook his head at them, disappointed. Now I want you all to go and apologize to those two young ladies you just trampled over.

The shorter one with her brown curls in a high ponytail, glared at them, rubbing her elbow roughly. Brackwell closed the door behind them. Daenerys Targaryen, she is coming to us from Braavos, class please make her feel welcome.

Daenerys stood quietly in front of the classroom, she nervously fidgeted with the hem of her scarlet sweater. She smiled briefly at everyone before looking back at Mrs. Jon watched as the girl continued to fidget with her hands. Blackwell placed her hand on her shoulders and guided Dany to the empty seat between Jon and Missandei.

Dany sat down at the desk and smiled at Missandei. She looked briefly at Jon, as he gave her a small wave to which her violet eyes narrowed, drawing her face into a scowl before she quickly turned away from him, throwing her silver blond braid over her shoulder.

Jon shook his head as Robb snickered behind him. See the end of the chapter for notes. Jon felt the very essence of his breath leave his body as he made an impact on the packed dirt below the treehouse.

He wheezed as he sat up, gasping for air. Jon looked up to see Theon doing a ridiculous victory dance around the deck of the treehouse. Jon quickly turned around and saw behind Robb, Daenerys, Missandei, and Margaery emerge from the tree line. Margaery rolled her eyes and walked forwarded. At every chance, Theon continued to goad the girls into arguments about the treehouse.

Jon gave a small smile at Daenerys, who crossed her arms, scowling before looking away. Jon huffed. It had been a year since Daenerys arrived in Winterfell, but Jon was no closer to being on any friendly terms with the girl that he was a year ago. Their interactions were thankfully limited outside the classroom except for the disastrous grade five spring science fair.

She had been furious with him and refused to speak to him at all after that. He had hoped a summer in Dragonstone would warm up her cold attitude but it was evident after the first few weeks of school Jon was still an enemy. Jon glanced over at Robb, his eyes wide. They had heard the infamous stories of Mossa and Mars, the fearless twins from Naath that pulled crazy stunts all around Winterfell, one of these said stunts being the reason for them being shipped off to military school in Astapor.

It just never occurred to Jon that his quiet classmate was related to the two. Theon frowned. Theon vehemently shook his head. He threw a cocky glared down at the group before turning to walk back through the makeshift door frame. Jon turned to the silent sentinel of the collected group. She had a curious gleam in her violet eyes as they roamed over the tree.

Jon looked over to Missy and Margaery who both had matching grins. Robb and Jon looked up to see Theon backing up, hitting the edge of the doorframe on his way out, his arms extended in front of him.

Daenerys stepped out of the tree house door, dusting off her hands and adjusting her ponytail with a smug smile on her face. They scrambled around them towards the back of the tree, joining Daenerys in the treehouse.

Theon hesitated briefly and shrugged his shoulders. Jon stood there briefly, looking at up at Daenerys. The threatening look now gone. She stared at him briefly before turning away, flipping her long silvery braid over her shoulder disappearing into the treehouse.

What the hell had she done to cause Theon of all people to react that way? He wondered as he pulled himself up the rungs, his head eventually poking through the bottom entrance of the treehouse. He watched as they all sat peacefully around the stacks of comic books and magazines that they hoarded over the summer. He caught himself under the scrutiny of Daenerys gaze before she looked back down at the Batman comic book in her lap.

Jon gave a nonchalant shrug as he pulled himself up to sit down inside the doorframe. He picked up a nearby Justice League comic and started reading. He sighed, It just another thing to add to the curious case of Daenerys Targaryen. Dany noticed as they entered the classroom that Mr. Cargyll stood in front of the class, rocking back and forth on his heels, almost bouncing with excitement. He was a new teacher to their school that had just graduated from Oldtown, or so Margaery had heard from her grandmother.

He was youngest out of all their other teachers and handsome too, with dark brown hair and green eyes that still held a youthful spark and eagerness to them. Cargyll smiled down at them as Dany, Missy and Margaery took their seats. I hope you all had a good winter holiday and are ready to get back to task. There were a few loud gasps among the cheers and clapping. Dany glanced over to see a relieved Jon leaning back into his seat with a grin.

I heard some of you were probably looking forward to blowing things up this year. Cargyll laughed, patting Jon on the shoulder as he walked by. We are doing a family tree project. The class collectively groaned this time, but Dany was excited. She loved hearing stories from her parents about the Targaryens and looking at the ancient books her father usually forbade her from touching.

Cargyll began handing out packets. Ramsey threw a glare at Mr. Dany ran down the empty school hallway, running pass the cafeteria slowing to a jog as she neared her classroom.

She had forgotten her family history packet in her desk and wanted to catch her father in a good mood when he got home from work to discuss it. She had her hand on the door handle and almost barged in when hushed voices on the other side of the door stopped her.

Jon , her eyes widened. Curiosity got the better of her as she inconspicuously tried to widen the crack of the door more, instead, she accidentally pushed the door with more force than she intended causing the door to bang open against the doorframe. He nodded and gestured towards her desk. Dany scurried over, dropping down behind her desk, to start digging through it. He waved her off and returned to grading the coursework on his desk. Dany shut the door behind her. The corridor was empty.

She started jogging towards the front of the school, checking the time on her watch when she collided into a warm body. Dany scrunched her face up looking down at her black leotards, white t-shirt, and a maroon hoodie. I thought you had practice after school? Cargyll about the family tree project. She turned back to see Jon standing there with his hands shoved into his pockets, his mouth twisted into a half frown.

Well, that explains a few things. She felt guilty, she never really gave Jon Snow a chance after their first meeting, he at least tried to be friendly but she quickly shut him down, especially after the last year's science fair. He wasn't too bad, he definitely didn't annoy her as Theon did. Robb was friendly but he usually only came around when Margaery was there.

So if you need help looking up stuff or organizing it…. Dany pushed through the double doors of the school, an icy blast of air catching her off guard. She quickly walked over, avoiding the icy patches on the sidewalk until she opened the car door, entering it.

Ned Stark looked away from the scene on in backyard, his hand resting on the window pane to see his brother, Benjen leaning against the doorframe. We agreed to tell him. When would it have been a good time to tell Jon? When he was five? He huffed. Benjen let out a long exhale. We agreed to and upheld her wishes, thinking we were making the right decision based on the circumstances. Ned picks up a rare family photo on his desk. A picture from a happier time of his parents and older brother Brandon.

A young girl with a wild black mane between he and Benjen, leaning her head against his shoulder taunting him with a mischievous smile. He has some involvement in this too. The laughter of the children drifted by the large bay windows. Ned looked over to see his children running out of the Godswood, towards the house. Jon beating Arya in a foot race, while they dodge snowballs being thrown at them by Robb, Bran, and Sansa. He gave a heavy sigh, drawing a circle in his palm. Everyone who was involved was already there.

He looked up to see Jon staring at the window, waving before catching a snowball in the face. It is inevitable, might as well get on with it , he thought. Benjen gave a surprised look before standing up, leaving the room to get Jon.

Dany walked down the hallway with Missy at her side. Dany was about to wave at them when the door opened. Stark stood within the doorway talking to their principal. Robb and Jon stood up immediately and followed their father down the hallway.

Dany was looking forward to her presentation, her father had allowed her to utilize some of the older family artifacts and pictures for her presentation, she wasn't scheduled to present until the end of the week. Missy glanced around, leaning in. Carygll before class about not presenting. He had a weird fascination with trapping animals and when given the chance he constantly bullied people.

Missy shrugged. Cargyll had to pull them apart. She saw the whole thing. Dany gave an apologetic smile as both girls continued out the school on their walk home. Over the weekend. Dany decided to take advantage of the unseasonably spring-like weather and take her dog for a walk in Karhold park. They had barely made it halfway down their favorite walking path when she came across a lone figure, skipping stones across the lake. Dany had tried to ask Robb on Friday, but he rebuffed her questioning.

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Floor Burn (von Dan Madams & Little Jon) (Let The) Rhythm Move You (BK Hard Beat mix) (von BK) Don't Give Up (original mix) (von BK) The Killer (original mix) (von Andy Farley) No Way (von Ian M) The Dawn (Paul Janes remix) (von Tony De Vit) Sssst (Listen) (Pants & Corset remix) (von Jonah).

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  1. Explore releases from Little Jon at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Little Jon at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn Dan Madams & Little Jon - FB / Hijack 2 versions: Hard Trax: UK: Sell This Version.
  2. Listen to music from Dan Madams & Little Jon like Floor Burn, 10 - Floor Burn & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Dan Madams & Little Jon.
  3. Vinyl and CD 1 – 50 of Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn ‎ (12") Hard Trax: HARDTRAX UK: Sell This Version: HARDTRAX Dan Madams & Little Jon: Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn.
  4. Nov 30,  · Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) BK - (Let The) Rythm Move You BK - Dont Give Up Andy Farley - .
  5. – Dan Madams & Little Jon: Floor Burn: – Praga Khan: Injected With A Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) Remix – BK, Nick Sentience: – BK (Let The) Rythm Move You: – BK: Dont Give Up: – Andy Farley: The Killer: – Ian M: No Way: – Tony De Vit: The Dawn (Paul Janes /5(14).
  6. Vinyl Records, CDs, and More from shades_of_gray For Sale at Discogs Marketplace Explore. Discover Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn (12", TP) Label: Hard Trax Cat#: HARDTRAX Media Condition: Media: Very Good (VG) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Generic. View Release Page.
  7. With the purchase of a CD or Vinyl record dispatched from and sold by Amazon, you get 90 days free access to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan. Floor Burn - Dan Madams & Little Jon Injected With A Poison - Praga Khan (BK & Nick Sentience Mix) Get on the Floor on CD1 and Tony De Vit's incredible 'Dawn' on CD2. To sum up, the /5(8).
  8. Nov 13,  · 10 Dan Madams & Little Jon - Floor Burn 11 Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (BK & Nick Sentience Remix) 12 BK - (Let The) Rythm Move You 13 BK - Dont Give Up 14 Andy Farley - The Killer 15 Ian M - No Way 16 Tony De Vit - The Dawn (Paul Janes Remix) 17 Jonah - Sssst (Listen) (Pants & Corset Remix) Rapidshare Links CD 1 CD 2.

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